Bear Market Brief brings you news about Russia’s economy, politics, business climate, and political risk environment. It features a daily news brief (sign-up form in the menu) and blog, the latter of which you are presently reading. Opinions presented on the site are contributors’ only.

The Team

Aaron Schwartzbaum is the founder and manager of Bear Market Brief. He is currently pursuing an MA in International Political Economy and International Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington DC. Previously, he was a researcher with Eurasia Group’s Eurasia and global macro practices, and has experience in investment banking. He has lived in Saint Petersburg for a year and a half, where he completed the Overseas Language Flagship program. He focuses on Russia’s economy, fiscal policy, domestic politics, and the defense industry.

Nick Trickett is a blog contributor. He currently works as a policy analyst on the Eurasian space at the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington D.C. and is a contributor for Global Risk Insights. He has focused and written on Post-Soviet foreign policy and energy politics, with an emphasis on Russia’s Pivot to Asia, Russia’s East Asian energy relations, and evolving projects in the Eurasian space such as the Silk Road or the North-South Transport Corridor. He holds an M.A. in Eurasian studies through the European University at St. Petersburg. He focuses on energy security, economic foreign policy, and political economy in the post-Soviet space.

Marita Petherbridge is the blog’s editor. She studies international relations and Russian language at the Australian National University. Her academic interests include critical approaches to security, information and media in international affairs, and Western perceptions of the post-Soviet space. Marita has written about Ukrainian politics for The Foreign Brief.

Cyrus Newlin helps write the daily brief. He is 2016 graduate of Swarthmore College with majors in Russian and Political Science. He spent a summer in Kazan, Russia on a Critical Language Scholarship and a semester in St. Petersburg through Bard-Smolny. Most recently he was a research intern with the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). His interests include Russia-Iran relations and Russian political economy. His work has been published through Institute of Modern Russia (IMR) and CSIS.

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